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The best advertisement for Louise’s work is the countless happy patients that Louise has worked with:

I came to see Louise for a second time when I was having difficulty conceiving our second child. After suffering a miscarriage, a bout of post natal depression and trying with no success to fall pregnant for over a year, I was feeling pretty low. The great thing about acupuncture is that it takes the whole person into account, not just the presenting condition. Louise spends so much time finding out about all aspects of your life which might be causing a problem. She has such a caring and attentive attitude and the sessions often felt like therapy which I emerged from feeling exhilarated and refreshed. She helped me to consider some lifestyle changes I could make to help improve my fertility and was always so positive and reassuring. I came for acupuncture sessions twice a month for seven months, all the while charting my ovulation dates and fertile times under Louise’s guidance and now I am ten weeks pregnant with my second child. I can’t thank Louise enough, she is a miracle worker!

Helen, 39

Treated for fertility

Before starting working with Louise, I used to suffer nearly every day with constant pains and headaches.  After taking Louise’s advice and following her treatment, these symptoms stopped occuring almost daily and were reduced to a couple of days during the premenstrual stage.  The headaches became nearly non existent, I only suffered with cramps during the first 2 days of my cycle and my cycle itself became more manageable.  My digestive systems also improved.  Working with Louise has made a massive difference to my life.  I am also currently 14 weeks pregnant!  I would strongly recommend anyone with endometriosis to contact Louise.


Treated for endometriosis & fertility

I just want to say thank you for everything so far. You have been an absolute Godsend and I’ve genuinely looked forward to our appointments every week. Thank you for listening to my rants, for being so understanding, for the laughs and for relaxing me. You are brilliant at your job and any woman who is treated by you is very lucky. Thank you so much.

Jenna (12 weeks pregnant)

Treated for fertility

I have suffered with endometriosis for years, I’ve also had problems with my cervix with a history of infertility and miscarriage. 

I read about Louise, and got in touch.  She knows so much and totally understands how you feel. I signed up to an app to sync with Louise so she could track cycles, temperatures, feelings, moods and symptoms. It was great to have someone keep an eye on things. I started with Louise in the October and I was slowly seeing a difference to my cycles and also the pain I would have experienced in the past seemed to change with the side effects becoming easier to manage. 

My cycles lasted 70ish days, but by the end pre pregnancy they were closer to 50. Every cycle I would get the excitement of feeling like this time would be the time I would get the double lines on the test. Louise would know from looking at the app that this was not my time, I would always get a WhatsApp with something uplifting, and positive to focus on. She was always right but would always follow it up with facts and information.

Our IVF was booked for April so it was going to happen one day. Fast forward to January, the next cycle I had a WhatsApp from Louise, please don’t test yet (she knew I was obsessed with tests and just about had shares in ClearBlue!). Three days later ok go on you can test…. Bingo! The double lines. I was gobsmacked! I was so happy but still couldn’t get too excited as we weren’t over the line just yet. I carried on working with Louise and her treatment adapted to suit the stages of pregnancy. Fast forward to the first scan, and there it was the blob that would become my little girl. Louise was with us every step of the way, the highs the lows. She was amazing throughout. I highly recommend working with her.


Treated for endometriosis & fertility

Louise was a tremendous help with our journey to have a family. She supported my husband and I through two rounds of IVF. When the first round was not successful she was so supportive in helping us refocus our energies, build on the positives and prepare for the the next round which was successful! Overall I found with both rounds my body had far less difficulty with the IVF drugs than other women I talked too going through the same treatment and despite my advanced age I was very receptive to the IVF process overall and I truly believe this is due to working so closely with Louise during the whole process. Her treatment of us was professional, respectful, compassionate and deeply supportive. I truly believe that our IVF journey would not have been as positive and successful without Louise’s assistance and I would strongly recommend her to anyone going through the IVF process.


Treated for IVF

Louise helped me through a challenging part of my life.  From the moment I met Louise, she made my journey with IVF a more informed and positive experience.  My weekly visits to Louise were something I looked forward to and I enjoyed the sessions which always put me into a relaxed mindset.  Nine months later I now have my miracle little girl Gigi, and thanks to Louise and Gateshead Fertility my first round of IVF was successful.  I also feel incredibly lucky to have one additional frozen embryo too. 


Treated for fertility & IVF

Louise was recommended to me by a friend when I started my first cycle of IVF. She was open, friendly and had a very good understanding of the hormone treatment I was receiving. Her practice complimented each stage of the treatment by enhancing the effect of the drugs but minimising the side effects. In particular I enjoyed having time each week to focus on myself and to relax. I believe that the combination of these factors helped me to conceive first time. I now have a lovely two month old boy who is sleeping in my arms as I write this.

Alice, 40

Treated for IVF

Endometriosis has had a huge impact on my life; pain, confidence, fertility and my experiences. Before working with Louise my periods were debilitating and extremely painful. The pain so bad I would want to be sick. Every month I would suffer from excruciating migraines and get cold sores. At the time I didn’t know I had Endometriosis, I just thought that is what every woman’s period looked like.

When I was diagnosed with Endometriosis I knew I had to do something. I found Louise’s leaflet in a hospital waiting room and I knew this was the next step in helping my life and my future. 

Since working with Louise my life has improved so much and my periods are so much more manageable. While they are still not perfect, I certainly don’t dread them and they don’t have the huge impact on my life like they once did. My periods are much more manageable and my sleep and energy have dramatically improved too. I can actually function in the week before and during my period.

The level of treatment from Louise is so comprehensive it has empowered me to understand my cycle and my condition. The work that I have completed with Louise has completely changed my life. I now manage my Endometriosis, it doesn’t manage me.


Treated for endo

I was 32 weeks when we tried the moxa. My midwife recommended I try this was as a way of unbreaching my baby girl. I had the moxa with Louise at the clinic and then repeated it at home. By the next scan at 34 weeks my baby had unbreached itself – and it stayed that way. We consequently avoided the Caesarian section I was fearing.


Treated for breached baby

Having endometriosis feels like your body hates you. The debilitating pain, nausea and fatigue not only affects you physically, but the relentless and unpredictable nature of the disease can considerably impact your mental wellbeing too. 

When I first started seeing Louise, I had crippling periods that saw me bedridden for up to a week and was also symptomatic throughout the majority of my cycle. In addition to the aforementioned issues, I would regularly suffer with a myriad of others, including severe cramping, brain fog, constipation, migraines, insomnia and night sweats. 

Working with Louise over the past year has been a joy – she’s super understanding and extremely knowledgeable. My periods now, whilst still very painful, are manageable and my other symptoms have reduced considerably (with most disappearing altogether).

I cannot speak highly enough of Louise, her approach with her patients and her passion and commitment to continually learning about women’s health is second to none. I unequivocally recommend her to anyone unduly suffering – she will help you!


Treated for endo

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