Functional Medicine

A scientific approach to identifying and address the root cause of disease

Functional Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a powerful tool to optimise women’s health and fertility.  However, there are times when some extra help from modern medicine can be incredibly powerful.

Functional Medicine can give a huge advantage when dealing with underlying infections (often asymptomatic and unknown) or system dysfunction, such as autoimmune or thyroid conditions.  In particular, with fertility, the vaginal microbiome plays a crucial role and Functional Medicine enables us to bring it back to balance. 

If I feel that this will be helpful in your specific case, I will discuss the options and use targeted testing.  Based on these results, we’ll further tailor your acupuncture and Chinese herb treatments plans as well as implementing a personalised supplement regime.

Testing and supplement costs are in addition to the acupuncture session costs.  A Functional Medicine consultation charge will also be due.

“Before starting working with Louise, I used to suffer nearly every day with constant pains and headaches.  After taking Louise’s advice and following her treatment, these symptoms stopped occurring almost daily and were reduced to a couple of days during the premenstrual stage.  The headaches became nearly non existent, I only suffered with cramps during the first 2 days of my cycle and my cycle itself became more manageable.  My digestive systems also improved.  Working with Louise has made a massive difference to my life.  I am also currently 14 weeks pregnant!  I would strongly recommend anyone with endometriosis to contact Louise.” 


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