Chinese Herbal Medicine

Plant-based herbal prescriptions to restore your health

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The use of Chinese herbs alongside acupuncture can greatly enhance the outcome of treatment. Herbs are integral to Chinese medicine theory, with remedies using active ingredients taken from the natural world of herbs and plants.  There is a growing recognition in Europe and worldwide of their effectiveness.

I am fully compliant with UK government regulations and all my herbs can be traced directly to source through the supplier I use, recommended by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM). The herbs only consist of plants, twigs, barks, flowers, bulbs, grasses and bark. They are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, sulphides, xeno-oestrogens and steroids.  Chinese herbs often come in the form of a powder which is taken as a drink. 

Following a thorough consultation, a prescription of herbs tailored to your unique health situation is created. The herbs will be ordered for you and delivered to you.  The prescription will be amended and added too as required over your treatment.  The cost varies and is additional to the acupuncture. 

Now available nationwide

Chinese herbal medicine can be incredibly effective as a standalone treatment and I offer remote Chinese herbal medicine consultations and treatment for women’s health issues and fertility throughout the UK.  This involves an initial consultation via Zoom, along with a detailed pre-assessment questionnaire.  From this, I create your personalised treatment plan and herbal prescription, which is ordered for you and delivered to your door.  Over 3 months, we’ll then have 3 further follow-up consultations with your herbal prescription tailored as required.

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Since working with Louise I have seen a big improvement in my symptoms.  Before, I would experience extreme fatigue during ovulation, and unbearable PMS symptoms such as acne, bloating, breast pain, food cravings and mood swings, which were very debilitating and meant I couldn’t do many things I enjoyed. I hardly get these now. The herbs are also helping to ease my heavy, painful periods. Louise has given me useful lifestyle tips and I have a much better quality of life now thanks to Louise’s treatment and advice.”


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